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Hmmmmm!! I just have to share this video! I just can’t pass it by!

A day next month is the day dedicated to mothers in the United States. Many Countries have celebrated theirs already. EVERYDAY should be Mother’s Day…….every mother put their life on the line to have every child, and sacrifice each day, even after the child is grown and on his/her own!



Pick up the phone and call your mum to say “THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!” You do NOT have to wait till Mother’s day. She deserves to hear it every moment!

Write her a letter today!



A hand-written letter would be nice – shows even in your busy world, you can spare some moments for the MOST special woman in your life.



Buy flowers NOW before she is LATE and it is TOO LATE!

A rose petal while she is alive is better than a thousand bouquets on her tombstone!

A lunch date with mum is more valuable than killing a herd of cattle at her burial!

Run an errand for her even if she can do it herself! Learn from this video! I pray it will NOT be your/my portion in Jesus mighty name! Amen.

Someone once said to me: “Beneath your mother’s feet is the door to Heaven’s Paradise!” I did not fully realize the depth of that statement till after I had MY own child.



My paternal aunty popularly called “mama Kano” (R.I.P) used to say in Yoruba: “Eni to bi omo o bi esan!” meaning: “Someone that gives birth to a child, gives birth to karma!”

My prayer for myself: May my son treat me the way I treat my mother! Amen!

How many of you can say that prayer?

Would you want your child or children to treat you the way you treat your mother?

If you cannot sincerely affirm to that, please make a U-turn for your own good. It is well. – VTI©


About VTI©

Valentina is a self motivated mother who has always committed herself to the service of humanity. In her quest to help in this wise, she has tales of personal experiences. Her challenges and successes which are always ongoing, and she'll be sharing with you without reserve. - Olusegun Idowu


  1. There is no one like your mother. My mum is late but my only consolation is that ” l treated her well, took care of her when she was alive. She always pray for me”. I pray that my kids treat me the same way. If l didn’t do all these when l did, it would have been a big regret for me now that she is no more.
    Never postpone honouring your mum, never be too busy to call and check on her. I LOVE MY MUM and l am happy now because she knew it. May her gentle soul continue to rest.
    For those that still have mum, celebrate her everyday not only Mother’s Day. Let her know how much you love and appreciate her.

    • Very Well Said Stella. There’s no one like your mother.

    • My mum is like no other! Alabaro mi. The ONE that tolerates my shortcomings and won’t forsake me for anything. The one that will put her life on the line for me over and over again.

      I pray my son sees how I treat her and pays me back a million-fold. Amen.

      Mum, if you ever come across this, again, I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK AND TAKE ALL YOU HAVE SACRIFICED AND CONTINUE TO SACRIFICE FOR GRANTED NOT! Love always – Your last card!

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