The Mysterious Cascades.

Cascades of mysteries I call them.

Exploring the beauty of Nigeria and Africa at large has been on my mind for years. What better time than when my son is home for a short Easter break that happens fall around his 12th birthday, and he says: “No Birthday party please!”

Well, this important stage in his life has to be made significant some way I thought. After brain-storming and rubbing minds with my dearest one, we decided on Ikogosi warm and cold springs in Ekiti State. I have never been there either, and have heard so much about it. We planned to go on his birthday, but as God would have it, we could not make it on his birthday, which I later discovered was really a blessing!

Telling a friend about our planned trip, he suggested: “If you will be going to Ikogosi, please stop at Erin Ijesha first and check out the waterfalls. I bet you, it would be worth your while and more exciting than Ikogosi!” He described the experience to me and begged I immerse myself in the waters! He was very right!

We set out early on Monday morning with two SUVs filled with 11 of us! No one really knew how to get there. However, we were determined to get to our destination by making use of the established GPS system in Nigeria (asking people on the way) to get there.

                                    Entrance to Erin Ijesha

                                                This way to 🙂

On getting to the entrance, I was disappointed to say the least! Customer service is ZERO! For those that know me, I am HUGE on customer service…… has NOTHING to do with the fact that I have lived in the States for donkey years, it is what I was raised with right in Nigeria! I remember growing up and going to the market and seeing marketers “se oro aje!” Basically marketing their products and trying to convince buyers to buy! Gone are the days, but this article is not about that! Osun State can definitely do better! This is supposed to be a tourist attraction that can generate funds for the State and put the Country at large in the spot light.

Photo Credit: Birogs

After my experience with the waters, I know quite a handful of people who would not mind traveling around the world just to come and experience the falls, but to achieve the publicity, we need to do better by renovating and keeping the place, as well as employing more respectable and people-oriented staff.

Up we go, we met the old man beating the talking drum and my darling Hilary made sure he danced his heart away 🙂 Click this link to watch the video.

Hilary dancing to the beats.       Photo Credit: Birogs

Then the step-climbing. I was thankful I was already hinted of what to expect or discouragement could have set in from the sight that was before us. As we proceeded, my aunt and the rest of us debated if my almost 77 years old mother should wait on the stairs, then we wondered how far the first step of the waterfall was. We encouraged her to continue till she could not go further. This young lady was not going to go back home without experiencing the waters. She was determined, and onward she went!

Mum moving toward the first waterfall.         Photo Credit: Birogs.

The first waters we sighted was on the side of the walk-way, crossing a bridge to take us toward the first steps which again, is the last fall. I could not resist stretching my arms to get a feel of the waters. It was very cold and well-needed after the already long stretch that got us to that point. Little did I know that the journey had not began!

VTI experiencing the cold water.

I was not surprised my mum made it to the first step despite her “strong” limbs. I know if she puts her heart to something, no matter how tough, she always makes it. She has always been a conqueror. Still wondering where I got my determined spirit from?

               Mum experiencing the waters of Olumirin Falls.

               My niece posing instead of getting in the waters.

             Refreshing….. Still on the first Cascade.

To climb the ridge is an arduous task that is quite intimidating. From experience, rock climbing is easier in comparison; but for one who is adventurous like myself, it is worth every sweat. There were no clear paths to direct one through the ridge slopes, so, on getting to a T-Junction; my aunty and I decided to follow a projection that took us to the third cascade. We did not know we had missed the second step until we met the rest of the family on top, coming from the third step.

I had ended up being separated from the crew after heading back to give my mum who was walking with my aunty Pat my bottle of water.

Some unnamed people refused to get under the waters. Please do not ask me why! 🙂 Apparently, all they did even at the third cascade was take pictures! Imagine! How can anyone travel all the way and not experience this?

                   Aunty and Nephew. Not mentioning names.

On getting half-way, the rest of the crew were on their way back and tried dissuading aunty and I not to go further, that we would not be able to descend the ridge that led to the third cascade but no way! We would get there! We did! We proceeded on.

Branches and roots of the huge trees served as our hands and foot holds as we descended down the ridge to the third cascade (counting up). I descended lying face down. My aunty descended with her bum.

      Aunty Pat descending the Ridge that leads to the third step.

Getting to the third cascade, I could not help but get under it! It was HEAVENLY! Very tempting to stay under the cold cascade as it flushed itself down my body. The experience was surreal. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the wonders of nature. Chilling under the cascade and releasing all worries is indescribable. OMG! Just thinking about it makes me want to return. I was practically forced to leave by being reminded that we still had to touch Ikogosi warm and cold spring before heading back home to Ibadan! I succeeded in convincing my son to get a feel of it and he loved it. I am definitely returning. This time, I will get to the seventh floor by God’s special grace. Amen.

                   Convinced Dimples to experience the Fall.

          Enjoying the refreshing cascade with Dimples.

The Olumirin Waterfall is a cascade of seven situated in Erin Ijesha, Osun State. Interestingly, each cascade has a uniqueness to it. It just made me wonder more about God’s Greatness. It is believed that the cascades were discovered by one of Oduduwa’s grand-daughters named Akinla; and that on the seventh cascade, there is a big pot where the waters flow from.

I still wonder how I have been on the surface of this earth for over 40 years and have never visited this amazing spot.

Osun State can however do better by constructing better roads, providing amenities and facilities such as rest-rooms, chalets, and steps to the cascades. I am sure if the infrastructure is better, Olumirin Waterfalls will be one of the choicest attraction or resort in Africa.

I sure have had a good share of adventure in my lifetime, but I am still trying to decide which I enjoyed most between this and my skydiving experience.

                                               We had fun.


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