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The Negatives Makes Us Stronger! Be Thankful!

Negatives! I had what I love to call “my light bulb moment” laying here. So many thoughts are streaming through my little mind. Funny, I started laughing instead of being upset! Hmmmm! I wonder why they all seem so funny to me. Well, the answer is not too far fetched – Because I AM INDEED THANKFUL FOR EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY to have experienced the BAD people and events as well as the pains I endured THEN! Yes! I typed THEN, because as far as I am concerned, even if it was a second ago, I am NOT giving such any importance in my life ever again!

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It is quite the norm to be thankful for the good people and things life brings our way, and it is quite understandable and acceptable to be appreciative of the positive things, people or events one has encountered in life. However, it seems we just disregard the negative things that has happened or happens to us. Seems our culture encourages us to pretend these things never exists/existed, or are just a figment of our imagination or like a very close and well-respected Priest I was discussing with a few days ago termed it “paranoia”. Smiles! My amazing “SD”, no, it is NOT!

Well, as I am well-known for, I love to disregard many “social norm”. I am extremely grateful to God for the bad things I have experienced, the fake/negative/insincere people I have met and even given a second of my time to; and situations I have endured. Definitely thoughts that I have/had allowed to linger in my head, the people and situations that fall under this bracket have made absolutely incredible changes in my life, made me stronger, made me realize that yes, I can survive without things and people I always thought were vital to my existence. For these, I am eternally grateful.

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I know many are wondering “who in the world would be thankful for negative experiences?” Well, someone like ME! I will tell you some of the reasons why.

These things that used to make me cringe whenever it slipped into my memory have actually shaped me into the strong and confident woman I have grown into. I have experienced quite a good amount of scars from so-called family and trusted friends, but you know what? These scars do NOT define me, but they are a part of my story, a part of my life. For God to even allow me to experience them, then bring me out of them stronger and better, I am thankful! I have obviously made it through the hardest part, I have fought and will keep fighting through the pains I have had, and will have dealt to me. I escaped whoever tried, or even succeeded in making my life miserable or even a living hell, I survived it all! So, I grow and use my negative experiences to my benefit.

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Experiencing and coming out of whatever an incredibly better, happier and definitely stronger person is always my goal and I have to say I always achieved it because of God. During the process, it is normal to have feelings of sadness, disappointment, helplessness, or even despise. Sometimes it would seem one’s world is crumbling right before one’s very eyes and all one can do is absolutely nothing! Trust me, I have been there even recently. One thing I have realized though, is that the feelings associated with the painful experiences do not go unrewarded. Well, I always make a conscious determination that I at least learn a lesson from the experience that helps me build my emotional bank which will prevent me from such bankruptcy in the future.

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Every tear I have shed, every blow I have accepted, every material and immaterial thing I have lost, every ounce of pain I have felt, builds a barrier around my heart, protecting me from those who try to break it again. Every person that has tried to steal my spirit has opened my eyes and made me wiser and now, I can spot a burglar 100 miles away. I can see you agreeing. Maybe you never thought about it before, but in all honesty, we need to be thankful for negative experiences as much as we are for positive experiences.

No one likes to go through the bad times, pains, or dark nights that seems so unbearable, but take a moment and think of the positives that comes out of it. The saying that “God does not give us what we can’t handle” can’t be farther from the truth. Another way I look at it is: GOD ALLOWED WHATEVER NEGATIVE SO THAT WHEN I COME OUT OF IT, HE ALONE, WILL TAKE THE PRAISE!!! Who would you prefer to thank? God or human?

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Have you been backstabbed by that person you trusted most? Deserted by those who wined and dined with you as soon as your job flew out of the window? Neglected by so-called loved ones when you were given a medical verdict that could end your life? Maybe you have a terminal disease and those you had expected would be by your side are nowhere to be found? Rejected by that man or woman you stood by in his/her time of struggle, and all he/she does now is make your life a living hell instead of being there for you and the family you made together? Been consistently lied to by that one person you would walk the world for? Been abused or molested physically, emotionally or even sexually?

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BE THANKFUL FOR THE EXPERIENCE! Look at the bigger picture. God allowed you to pass through and overcome it all in order to come out a stronger and better person. Yes, there are scars and wounds, but you are capable of being healed. Trust me, you will heal from this. This too shall pass. Take the strength God has awarded you, and run with it! BE ETERNALLY THANKFUL FOR THE NEGATIVES BECAUSE WITHOUT THEM, WHO KNOWS WHERE YOU WOULD BE.

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