What Defines A Woman of Strength?

What defines a woman of strength?

Being a woman of strength obviously comes with a lot of qualities and responsibilities.

A woman of strength is one who has had her fair share of struggles. She often has found herself in situations many of her specie can’t manage, handle or survive. She has made, and continues to make sacrifices for others. She has overcome hurdles and obstacles which is part of why she is unapologetically who she is.

She is determined, self-reliant, fearless, loving, lovable, happy, content, independent, loyal, understanding, passionate, hard-working, ambitious, dedicated and lots more.

To me, it is all about embracing who one is, while accepting the fact that one is “work in progress” and bound to make some mistakes along the way. Making mistakes become part of one’s growth. Learning from the mistakes no matter how bad, and not allowing the experience to define one, definitely makes one stronger.

A woman of strength does not allow anyone to define her. She knows what she wants out of life, finds out how to get it and goes for it no matter how tough, even when many try to dissuade her. Many people cannot handle this. To them, she is intimidating and they translate this attribute as “the need for no one!”

She defines who she is! She is simply who she is and will not succumb to any standards or expectations. She understands she needs to accept and love herself very well first, before she can love another, or be loved by another. Can I say she is not insecure? Absolutely!

A woman of strength sure needs people, but she wants loyal people around her. The problem is that “she knows her worth!” She is intolerant of selfish, inconsistent and backstabbing people. If she feels she can’t trust you, there is absolutely no point to hang with you. When she finds out you are not loyal, she has no problem letting go, and moving on. Sometimes it might be a tough decision, but if she is convinced, she will do it without looking back and with absolutely no regrets! She says: “I can do bad by myself! I need no help!” Do you really blame her? I don’t!

She can be vulnerable, but please do not make the mistake of playing on her vulnerability. She knows what she is doing! She is passionate in all she does, loves unconditionally, and this includes matters of the heart. She will go without to make you okay, as long as she knows you are loyal and committed to her.

However, even though she seems to love deeply, and ready to do whatever to see you happy; she will not allow herself to be used! She is quick to put you in your place once she realizes you keep taking her for granted.

She has no problem walking away, because she knows her worth! She is very okay with being hurt, learning from her mistakes, finding someone worthy and starting all over again. Being alone and new beginnings does not scare her. Do not take her for granted.

She takes care of herself and others! Yes! She is selfless, independent and also a care-giver! She passionately cares for those she chooses to love! Not only does she fight her own battles, she is prone to being an activist for others too! She does not tolerate injustice and loves to play fair. She will stand up for what she believes in, and is willing to go against those closest to her to do just that as long as it is right!

She will detect your insincerity on contact! Yes, she qualifies to work for the FBI! If you can not be completely honest with her, just stay away. It usually is best for both parties. Stay away for your own good because she will figure you out!

She is very adaptable, resilient and adventurous. She has a witty sense of humor that cannot be matched; and loves to laugh from the heart. She even laughs at herself and does not take life too seriously. No one gets out alive anyway! She does pretty well juggling her affairs and having fun while doing just that.

She is a very private person even though many do not know that. Yes! She only shows you what she feels you need to know! That being said, all her relationships are unique! Yes, very complicated you think? She does not think so.

She is super-confident and happy about who she is, she makes the best of what she has, and definitely knows how to handle the bit she is working on. She is always positive. She knows she is blessed, and thankful to God for every opportunity and experience.

She understands and accepts that she is W.I.P!

Yes! Work in Progress! Despite her strength, confidence and capabilities, she doesn’t relax. She welcomes every opportunity to learn a new thing. She never grows complacent. She loves to grow and improve herself constantly and does not mind to push herself to attain greater heights. She daily researches, asks questions and finds answers. She is always willing to teach others, as she understands that she learns more from sharing.

Above all, she is God-fearing!

She is a woman of strength!

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