What do you drink?

What do you drink? It makes a difference than you think! Calories in drinks add up. Many people focus on the calories in their food and forget that calories in drinks makes a whole lot of difference as well. Let’s think about it.

Water – We all know it is essential to our wellness in general. How much water do you consume daily? When do you have your first intake daily?

Research has it that starting your day with a glass of cold water first thing in the morning is healthy. It helps to flush out toxins and jump-starts your metabolism. Not everyone can take water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, so I recommend to tweak it with fresh lemon for a better taste, at the same time getting some of lemon’s nutritional benefits.

Drinking a glass of cold water before every meal, a glass during every meal and a glass after every meal helps you to consume fewer calories, aid digestion which as a result would improve your weight loss result.

Try replacing all high-calorie drinks with ice-cold water and drink at least half of your body-weight in water daily.

Experts recommend drinking half of one’s weight in ounces of water daily to stay healthy. If you are 140 pounds, it is expected that you drink 70 ounces of water daily. 140 pounds is equivalent to about 63.5kg. This would assist in preventing water retention

Enough daily intake of water helps improves liver function, increases metabolism, drastically reduces appetite, decreases fluid retention and helps with maintaining an ideal weight. VTI©


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