What Will You Do When Your Husband Says He doesn’t Find You Attractive ??

When you do everything possible for him,  kids, sex, chores etc. But one day right in bed, your husband told you point blank in your face that he doesn’t find you attractive.

What Will You DO ???

This is such a very sensitive question so think deeply before answering.


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  1. An average African man wouldn’t say this to your face,he would rather find solace in the arm of a younger woman.If a woman can be sensitive enough to detect this then the solution is at hand. I will first identify where I had gone wrong or what I have done wrong. Most times the problem is caused by our looks and sex drive, our nonchallant attitudes towards these has caused lots of women their marriages.
    First, watching my weight by eating right and regular exercise
    Second,Looking good and fresh all day not forgetting to get a stronger but mild perfumes
    Third, puting on a smilling face and being more romantic and happy
    Fourth, spending more of my time with him after work and communicating more when we are not together e.g love messages, gifts e.t.c
    Fifth, leaving everything to God in prayer

    • Well, I will ask him what changed if I do not know and try to work toward it with the hope of saving my marriage. I would be hurt though.

    • You are very right. Sometimes it is not that easy to bring up such a sensitive topic. I bet some men just would not like to hurt their wife’s feelings not realizing it’s better to hurt her feelings and fix the problem than keep mute.

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