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Where Is Your Heart?


(Judges 6;11-24,Mt 19:23-30)

How do you define Wealth and Riches? Are you a rich Man/Woman? What makes you rich? How much do you have in your bank account? Do you have mansion(s), cars, a good job with a “fat” salary? Is it connection with the timbers and caterpillars of the world? Are your friends uncountable and are found all over the world? DO YOU LIKE TO ADD TO YOUR RICHES AND WEALTH? WILL YOU EVER LIKE TO BE POOR?

After the rich young man preferred his wealth to eternal life yesterday, Jesus said: TRULY, I SAY TO YOU, IT WILL BE HARD FOR A RICH MAN TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. He even added to it saying: IT IS EASIER FOR A CAMEL (the biggest animal in Palestine, sometimes used as beast of burden) TO GO THRU D EYE OF A NEEDLE (a narrow and low gate of the city walls used by travellers when the public gate was locked and required lowering of the camel) THAN FOR A RICH MAN TO MAKE HEAVEN!

Brethren, does Jesus hate wealth and the wealthy? NO! He had some wealthy friends too, like Mathew the Tax Collector, Zacheaus the short man, etc! But because, according to Psalm 49:20; in his riches, man lacks wisdom. The wisdom to know that: A RIVER THAT FORGETS IT’S SOURCE, DRIES UP!

Beloved in Christ, Jesus is therefore asking to have the spirit of detachment from material riches. If we have something we can’t do without, we don’t own it; rather, it owns us. When we love the gift more than the giver, it becomes an issue; because WHEN ONE IS WORLDLY MINDED, HE CANNOT BE HEAVENLY MINDED.

Brethren, wealth (money) is GOOD in itself BUT Eternal life is BEST! Do you know that: Money can buy Books but not the brain to read it, bed but not sleep, food but not appetite, houses but not a home, medicine but not health, fine things (wears, jewellery, lips stick, etc) but not beauty (if u wowo/ugly, don’t waste your time painting ooo), luxury not happiness, security not protection (Psalm 127:1), crucifix not Saviour, Bible not Salvation. Therefore brethren, we need HEAVENLY PROTECTION because: Money is unstable, the world is unsettled, the weather is unpredictable, Time is unknown, lives are unfolding, Earth is in upheaval, ONLY HEAVEN IS ETERNAL! Where does your treasure lie, HEAVEN OR IN YOUR POSSESSIONS?

I wish u a sadness-free day! Good morning.

About the Author: Rev. Fr. Francis Onugha is the Parish Priest of St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Lasokun, Apata, Ibadan in Nigeria. He is an avid preacher who passes God’s messages across with practical examples we see in our daily lives. He writes his Daily Chewing Stick to spread God’s word electronically to all.

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