Who Gives A Hoot?

Who gives a hoot? Azzin! Seriously? For real? 🙂 Yeah, just learnt those “slangs”, thanks to Mojite and Dupsy! 🙂

It just alarms me when certain people think their opinion of one, matters! Seriously? Who gives a hoot? I personally don’t! As far as I am concerned, if your opinion adds NO value to my life, doesn’t add at least an extra digit to the end of my income (which would be great!); pocket your negativity!

Photo Credit: google

Photo Credit: google

You wonder why some have their mouths twisted to the side, and would probably need a corrective surgery to get it fixed? Well, maybe for starters, they should stop preaching about others they know little or ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about! 🙂 Just because your life is miserable and uneventful, shouldn’t be your why! Find something positive to do, or continue dealing with the “enu wiwo that leads to Iwo! OMG!!! That was easy! 🙂 🙂

Let me use Mojite’s favourite slang: “azzin…..” 🙂 Yes, as in the last time I checked, it hasn’t changed a single thing about me.

My confidence rubs you wrongly? I apologize for your insecurities! The LAW of nature is at play and yes, doesn’t really consider who you are, so quit feeling relevant because you are not! I don’t invest time in people who have nothing better to do with their life than to drag others down. Why? Such people have deeper issues they are dealing with, and instead of working on themselves, they try to drag others down to their level. Since I am not ready to have a twisted-to-the-side-mouth……azzin! 🙂

You have a problem with someone? Be bold, step up and confront the person……Mojite’s azzin…. 🙂 again comes to play 🙂 Azzin, if you can’t, then continue boiling with your hatred and let us all see where it will lead!

Photo Credit: google

Photo Credit: google

Well, this goes to all who feel this is directed at them……. Azzin if any of the above strikes a chord, follow the rhythm! Azzin 🙂 dance to the beats….. Azzin, you could actually lose some weight in the twisted-to-the-side-mouth, and enjoy the LAW of physical fitness! Weight loss is good for the soul you know? Azzin, it makes one feel and look good 🙂

The Benefits of Weight Training

Don’t get it twisted, too much cardio doesn’t necessarily result in weight loss 🙂 Azzin, talking too much about others you really don’t know is not good exercise for your mouth! Azzin, reduce the cardio, SHARRAP! Do yasef a favour and lift some weights!

Mojite! Azzin 🙂 🙂 That was Eaaazeee! 🙂 🙂

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  1. Elizabeth Akpan

    Who gives a hoot, Azzin😂😂😂😂😂

    • Hahahahahaaaaa! Azzin who rubbed you the wrong way? Azzin seriously? Azzin you know? Azzin for real? Azzin don’t look their direction – like you rightly stated, they are probably miserable and misery needs company. Azzin I love your write-ups. Azzin keep them coming. I hope I don’t keep azzing 🙂

  2. Azzing…. Do you pay my bills? Awon Deborah (aproko) lol

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